20. gay. dallas.
this is my life.. sounds a little cliche, but who isnt.
every obstacle. every meaningful thought. everything i need to get off my chest. it's a risk; but i'm taking it.


You said We will never ever say goodbye. So why did you?


God I wish I could make it stop. 


All I’m waiting for right nw is her answer <\3 #missher #brokenheart (Taken with Instagram)


Have we really run out of things to talk about?  We used to talk everyday.  Now it just seems like you are barely even tolerating my existence.  What did I do wrong?  Is it something I said before or something I did?  It’s not like we have been married for years and have said everything.  We are still trying to get to know every detail about each other, but it appears that you don’t want to know me anymore.  I just want to know what it is that I did to make you not care as much.

I’m in the same boat..

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